Friday, June 29, 2007

UnHealthy En Vogue

It seems to me that it is the new fashion trend to have unhealthy body types on our run ways. Girls are waaaaay too thin buuuuttt........ I think a new trend it trying to make a break out. They want fat girls on the run ways. Oh Western hemisphere how you make me sick! So its cool to either be a skinny chick or a fat chick. Don't eat or eat excessive amounts of garbage.

How about healthy chicks? What about girls that try to eat healthy and be active. Not those mutated fitness girls because that is not natural or healthy. Lets have women who are toned but still have some extra layers. Or women who are active but don't exercise until they cry.

Lets just be healthy!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Hard Words To Say

How do you say to someone you love very dearly that you want to see them whole not just simply happy. That you want more for them.

How?????? Someone please tell me because it is killing me with anxiety!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Pictures and Pieces of Paper

A few weeks ago my small city celebrated artwalk, it is our art festival that happens in the dirty downtown core. A few of my friends were venders. This is my little recap from it.

This is my beautiful fiery friend Sarah. She is a talented artist who likes to make funky jewelry. I love her dearly and think that she is an incredible person.

Nathan and Barry had a booth displaying their photos. This is one of the ones I really like of Barry's collection.

A pin I bought at art walk. I'm going to put it on my jacket next to the skull pin my aunties like so much;) I LOVE IT!

Katie and I were instant soul friends the moment we know that person you meet and you can sense the instant connection. Well that was how we both felt when we met. She is an amazing artist and a good friend. Her and I both know how to observe our surroundings, we notice things other people don't.

I love this picture of Rachel and Nathan. The graphics add to the the joy and fun that eminate from them both. I ripped this piece of paper off of their sparkling peach juice bottles on the banquet tables. I like pop art!

The United Church is a little messed but they sure have some cool adds. I like that they are promoting spiritual contemplation. Its cool.