Saturday, December 29, 2007

Continuation of Confession #2 Online Dateing the Trilogy Continued

This is a continuation from this post and this post. Read or browse before reading this current post. So after I wrote my release post in order to let go of Mr. Internet Man last February I went to check my myspace account. Low and behold he had written me after two months of respectful silence. He said that he was coming to Sdot for our mutual connections wedding and if I would meet him. He said that he wasn't trying to 'reignite any embers that had died". I responded that I wanted to meet him and had been praying that some day I would meet him. The problem was that the wedding was not until August!

The wait was torture but I endured. I contacted him in June just to say hello and see how he was doing. Really it was just to let him know i still remembered he would be coming to Sdot. He wrote back saying he would be coming soon and I wrote back "so whats the game plan". We talked about dates and such.

Time began to inch closer, I prayed for beautiful weather and that we would have a good amount of time to get acquainted with each other. God answered my prayer with the most gorgeous day. I took him down to the river and the beach. Unfortunately he forgot to bring his swim suit so we weren't able to swim, I was very disappointed about that. We got fries under the bridge (a local tradition) and ate ice-cream together. The day ended with his suggestion of swinging on swings at the near by park, which I heartily agreed to. We ate ice-cream and swung on the swings. We both sat and drank in the beauty of the sun filtering through the trees and it was a moment of peace and contentment. I broke the silence by saying "I'm glad I met you" and he responded with an incredulous "why". I told him "because now I have closure" he met this response with silence but in that silence I sensed hurt. My friend Galen says that he was probably hurt because he probably had an a slight hope for more in the back of his mind. Yet, for me their was no romantic connection, he just seemed like a cousin to me. As if I was hanging out with my cousin Ryan. He was just as kind and gentle as I had thought he was on the phone. He is a beautiful person. I questioned him as to why he had gone cold on me in the Winter and still he did not feel comfortable with telling me. I'm okay with it though. He is moving to Portland for art school and I moved to Toronto for University.

His name is Cameron Stewart, he is wise and contemplative. I wish him the best and I hope he meets the woman of his dreams because he deserves her.