Sunday, September 23, 2007

Know me!

When I am getting to know people I ask them a lot of questions. I can always tell if they are not interested in me or are self centred if in return they do not ask me any questions about who I am.

If you want to know me then ask me questions about myself.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My First Kiss

Was in kindergarten. Their was a boy by the name of Jamie Anderson, he had bright blue eyes and sandy blond hair that had the most prominent cow licks I have ever seen in my life! I didn’t think much of Jamie. In fact I had a na├»ve crush on Ryan Lyndsay but Ryan liked Melissa Hillmann. Ryan liked Melissa so much that when I caught up with him 2 years ago he was sad that Melissa hadn’t waited for him and gone and married another guy. Buddy you didn’t even pay attention to her in high school!?!
Jamie lived behind my friends the Habiebes (they were from Iraq), one day while I was visiting the Habiebes I went over to his house to play. At the time he was playing a kissing game with some other girl and asked me if I wanted to play. I didn’t really say that I did but somehow he got the impression I wanted to. When it came time to kiss him I just kind of stood their deliberating about whether to do it or not and then he got the other girl to demonstrate for me how to do it. I relented and kissed him a couple times. The other little girl and I took turns kissing him. Jamie then wanted me to go a step further and French kiss him. I wasn’t too sure about how to do that so he explained that you put your tongue in the other persons mouth. I didn’t want to do it but Jamie got the other little girl to demonstrate for me. I tried but could not bring myself to do it. No matter how much Jamie tried to coax me to French kiss him I couldn’t do it.
And that is the story of my first kiss. I started young, it was more about curiosity than enjoyment.