Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Last Post for Awhile

Hey my favourite blog readers,

Its time for me to say good-bye for a little while. I'm not breaking up with you I just need a break okay;). I've been procrastinating too much and its gotten a little ridiculous with how much time I spend on here. So for a little while I'm going to be only using the internet for e/mail and school stuff. I'm a tactile person who loves to click click click with her fingers and read useless information.

Before I sign off I just want to encourage you to SMILE at the hopeless people on the side walks of our dirty down-towns. That man who smells and that women with the horrible teeth who ask for money or are speaking louder than necessary, look them in the eye and smile a hello to them or "I'm sorry I don't have change to spare". Let them know that you acknowledge them as a human being. You'll be surprised at the return responses you get.
If you want to read something check out this old blog of mine and if you need to laugh or you need some pointers on picking up chicks head over to this blog and this blog and this blog and this blog of my friend Ron's. Trust me you won't regret reading his blog, he is one cockey boy!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Last Post for Jan

I've been going blog crazy lately and now its time to stop blogging for January.

Before I go listen to This. Its is the best of both music worlds! The Hood Internet has given djing a new twist. Its not just intertwining two songs together as one moves over for the other but combining the two together to make one kick ass mix. I love it when they take two opposing styles and marry them to one another. So good! I especially like this one and this one and this one and of course this one!

Mr. I think you'll like this a lot! Joh I think you'll like this as well.

Okay back to reading for school:(. Catcher in the Rye is not that great, I was really hopeing it would be a gooder.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Last weekend I worked a double shift at work=16hours. My co-worker and friend was pissed at me for confusing a shift so instead of her being ticked at me I took a shift of hers which meant I worked way too many hours. I figured it would be better for me to be disgruntle toward her than her to be upset with me. I explained my rotten situation to my friend Galen and she said that maybe God would bless me at work in a way I wouldn't expect.
He did! At the end of my shift I had some time to kill. So I sat down with some of the residents(I work at a refugee shelter) and watched some TV. One of the little girls sat on my lap. She started petting my bright blond hair. And I asked her if it was soft, she nodded her head. She then gently kissed each side of my tresses and then crawled all over me. I tickled her and bounced her on my leg as she squealed with glee "I'm a monkey!". And that was the blessing God gave me.
Thank You God

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!!!! I'm 27!?!?!!!!

This is a picture I took of myself this morning just after I woke up. Its pretty daring because I don't have any makeup on. Its the pasty, chapped lip, zits Adrienne. I hate Winter for this very reason. So this is me trying to be real on the internet.

My small group thought I was turning 23-25ish! Ya I don't feel 27! When did that happen?

I had my Living Room (small group) for dinner and mom & dad sent me a gift. They gave me an Anne Geddes book. Don't quite know what to do with it because it isn't quite my cup of tea but in true mom style she wrote in it so I would have to keep it:(. Ya, she actually writes in the books and on things she gives me so that I don't return them. My theory on gifts is that if you truly know the person you will give them something they like. Otherwise you don't know them at all. On the other hand Jeff and Cindy gave me a gift cert to a music store, very happy about that! Yeah music!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas is fun but not restfull

Here are some fun pictures from Christmas time. Enjoy:).

Brittany and I slept together at Aunty Liz's! It was very fun but not a very restful sleep for me:). I'm not use to having another body next to me. After I came in from brushing my teeth I caught her texting a boy while she was in bed. Hee-hee.

Brittany and I decided to wake up Ryan on Christmas day. This resulted in Brittany getting punched in the nose as Ryan blindly swung his arms to deflect our rambuncious excitement towake him. I think he looks like a grumpy old man in the one picture. I tried to play peek-a-boo with Hannah on her parent's bed.......she didn't know quite what to think about that as you can see by the quizzical look on her face. This is a classic Hannah face.

I bulked up on dried apples, dried mangoes, nuts, oriental rice mix and yogurt cover raisins at the Bulk Barn while I was home. I also bough Jam some semi natural gummy bears. I miss my beloved Bulk Barn, it has to be the greatest store idea ever! I especially love the spice area! The closest one to me here is 45 mins:(. I wrote them and asked if they would consider building one closer to think I'm kidding right? Well I'm not!

Some wierd dude(Tom) at a party trying to eat a heart? I'm in the background.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Is it an illusion?

What if all that I desire is simply smoke and mirrors which I have created in my head? A fantasy I dreamed and then blew into another unsuspecting human form?

PS Luvbeat is something I've been checking out lately. I can't tell if its a spoof or for real. I like it though. Plus once again they come from Texas, what is this, when did Texas become cool?