Friday, January 26, 2007

Today is a Shitty Day

Today is a shitty day!
A day where I feel tired and wonder what the hell God is doing because everything feels out of control.
Today is a day where I feel liking cussing out my boss, a day where I feel insignificant and anxious about my life.
I'm confused about my strengths and weeknesses. Discouraged about being disastisfied with God, life, love, family, living arrangements, luck, education.....everything!
Today is a day I would love to eat a gallon of some sort of vanilla ice cream with chocolate something and nut something swirled together.
Today is a day I would like to be void of emotion and be numb to feeling.
If I were a drug addict I would probably choose my pharmacy of choice (shady character, drug-store, bar, pub) and then I would inject/swallow that drug right away.
If I was a cutter I'd cut away so that I would feel the high of cutting.
Today is a day that if I was a gambler I would gamble all of my money away just to feel the rush and possibilty of winning.
Today is a day that if I was a porn adict I would look at the worst porn so that I could waste my life away in fantasy.
Today is a day that if I was a chronic shopper I would spend and spend so my pleasure in spending would be met. I would spend so much I'd have to have my possessions reposessed because of my debt.
Today is a day that if I was a kleptomaniac I would collect every pen in sight!
It is a day where if I was a video gamer I would spend the day chained to my TV trying to get to the next level in the game.
Today is a day where if I was anorexic I would starve myself and exercise until I calapsed.
Today is a day that if I felt like no one wanted to hear me rants and complaints I would write it on a blog. Hopeing somone might hear my pain.
Today is a shitty day! That only swear words and bad grammar can adequatly explain.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Peter Pan and Snow....

I showed the movie Hook for my movie night and movie matinee program and as I was watching it I remembered how great of a movie it really is! First of all Rufio! Need I say more, I only had the huges crush on him when I was a kid (always have been a sucker for a rebel with a skate-board)! Too bad he only went on to have a band named after him and to star the in the movie Take the Lead (which I loved and plan on buying). Second of all Dustin Hoffman as Hook, was epic! He must have had a blast playing that role! He sure had a great time making his character be hated by all the children who watched that movie. Thirdly the sets and costumes of that movie are amazing! Full of magic, beauty and old world mystery!
I think that kids of all ages like this movie because it teaches them how to make believe and imagine. I love the scene where Peter has to remember how to imagine in order to eat the feast. Mom and I were talking this week and mom was saying that a lot of kids today do not know how to imagine or make their own fun. They are restricted to being baby sat by moives and ready made toys. When I show movies the kids don't really want to watch them. Instead they are more interested in going for a swim in the pool. Why? Because they are use to being baby-sat by the television. Movies aren't a big deal for them. I remember for me it was a huge treat to watch a movie. Of course up until I was 5 VCRs had not been invented yet and I didn't have cable as a kid.
But the lesson of Hook goes deeper for adults. We adults like the grown up Peter need to take time to remember how to have fun and enjoy life. To have happy thoughts so that we do not get dragged down by the worries and concerns of today. To find that child inside of us that yearns to be imaginative and creative.

Snow I am so glad it is here! I never thought I would say this but I'm glad our season is back in balance. After being in Mexico I realized I don't mind the snow. It didn't feel quite right seeing Christmas decorations in sunny tropical weather in Mexico. I felt like I had gone back in time to July not forward into the end of November.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Two Movies I Love! (Updated)

Lady in the Water
It is magical! I loved the story line and the character development! Ron A Smith you were wrong! The movie was da bomb! You just don't get fantasy. My favourite character development was the crab, his role is....well I won't give it away but it is pretty great.

Dance For CamerA
This movie was very arty but I liked it. I picked it up from the library. It is modern dance like I have never seen before. Think stomp for the none broadway musical fan only dance in the same format. The dance sequence I liked the most was when the dancers used blowing air on each other to create movement and then inhalation as a suction cup type of movement. Very cool experimentation with both camera and dance.

A movie I saw but didn't love or completly dislike was Employee of the Month, with Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson. Dane Cook wore Healies, which was kinda cool (those shoes that kids wear with wheels on the heels). I watched it with my cousin Ryan, we both really enjoy Dane Cook and it was just fun to watch the movie with him before he left for Calgary. I love my cousin so much and can't believe he is leaving again. At least he will still be in Canada this time. It should also be noted that we smoked a pipe together and it was goood! Maple Vanilla tobacco has a smooth flavour. Although I burnt my tongue:(

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The First of Many....consider yourself lucky.

We'll call this blog Memories of Mexico

*Boys it should be noted that you may feel uncomfortable reading this post, so I'm warning you now.

1. My two aunt's who have boob jobs.
Sad sad thing my friends! I found out through my younger cousin that they got them done around 3-4 years ago. First my one aunt is already well endowed! My other aunt is very skinny so they definetly look fake! The first well endowed aunt if you were to look at her and you didn't know you would think 'man she is bigger than I thought she was' (that was before I found out). I don't understand why either of them got them done!?! I think it is kind of sad that they felt the need for the procedure. You can buy bras that do the trick just fine, without the whole PERMANENT thing being added! Boob jobs are like tatoos, they hurt like hell and they are PER PER PER PERMANENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. My Uncle talking frankly about how women have one breast larger than the other.
Okay first of all my dad's side of the family is very conservative and just don't talk about things like that. But I guess my uncle has caved after living with three women. Especially now that his two girls are teenagers. It was so funny, to hear him say 'oh ya every women has one that is smaller than the other'. Oh uncle you are the greatest!

3. I got all of my aunt's and my three female cousins to go for a walk down the beach. On our jaunt we happened to pass a hotel that was being newly constructed. Apparently the workers were willing to take a break to check us all out. We had all of the contruction workers out on the top of the roof whistling and cat calling us (like 20 of them)! When we went to walk past again to return they had come down to see us! Ya, Canadian men are not quite that forward!

4. The waves were huge in the ocean so my cousin's and I went wave jumping.
It was nice to see my youngest cousin Sarah acting like the Sarah I use to know. The Tom Boy who didn't have a care in the world. It was a short live moment but it was good. She has become a sterio typical selfish teenager in order to keep from being picked on by catty little girls her age. I miss my rambuncious cousin. I hope she grows out of this booty licious attention getting boy chasing, pop culture consumer fueld stage. I fear for her if she does not. She use to be a leader but she has been berated to a follower. Girls are just mean!

5. One day my other cousin and I tooled around the local market together. We were harrassed by many of the venders (for good reason, we are rich Americans). We were given many options in the boyfriend department. It seems that blond girls are well liked in Mexico. I had one man say to me as he lightly put his hand on my shoulder "I like this size". Ugghhhhh he was twice my age!

6. We went to The Island of Women for one of our excursions.
While we were one the island I spotted a VW camper bus. The lisence plate said Quebec so I went up to the couple to say hello. I asked them if they were from Quebec, they responded in the affirmative. I told them I was from Ontario and started asking them about how they got to Mexico. They said that they had started by traveling through the states, camping at different sites and then slowly working down to Mexico. They had a map of different camp sites in Mexico they were going to but they found that some of them were lacking electrical hook-ups, showers and sometimes (I think) even toilets. They had been on the road for four months and had another three to go. They were headed next to the Carribean next. To top it all off they were doing it with their two kids who were 6 and 9 years of age! I congradulated them on their successful journey and told them that I thought they were very brave.
How cool is that! I think that would be so fun to do but I don't even know if I have the guts to do something like that without kids!?! I think I need to be more daring and take more chances. I'm always so cautious, kinda like Susan from Narnia.