Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Two Movies I Love! (Updated)

Lady in the Water
It is magical! I loved the story line and the character development! Ron A Smith you were wrong! The movie was da bomb! You just don't get fantasy. My favourite character development was the crab, his role is....well I won't give it away but it is pretty great.

Dance For CamerA
This movie was very arty but I liked it. I picked it up from the library. It is modern dance like I have never seen before. Think stomp for the none broadway musical fan only dance in the same format. The dance sequence I liked the most was when the dancers used blowing air on each other to create movement and then inhalation as a suction cup type of movement. Very cool experimentation with both camera and dance.

A movie I saw but didn't love or completly dislike was Employee of the Month, with Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson. Dane Cook wore Healies, which was kinda cool (those shoes that kids wear with wheels on the heels). I watched it with my cousin Ryan, we both really enjoy Dane Cook and it was just fun to watch the movie with him before he left for Calgary. I love my cousin so much and can't believe he is leaving again. At least he will still be in Canada this time. It should also be noted that we smoked a pipe together and it was goood! Maple Vanilla tobacco has a smooth flavour. Although I burnt my tongue:(

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Mike said...

Thats weird! I'm a HUGE M. Night Shamalan fan but I didn't like that movie. Its my least favourite out of all of his with The Village being my favourite.