Thursday, November 29, 2007

EMO education

I can't sleep, I went on youtube.
Sorry I don't know how to display videos properly.
If you have over 20 mins watch "How to be EMO" . The nerd dudes that made this video confused emo with straight edge.

If you have a less than ten minutes check out "What is Emo", their are emo boys all over the world.
"Boys wear girls trousers and tight shirts."
"Just a drop of goth tears"

Love it!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I want to be pretty

I've been told that I'm beautiful but I want to know that I'm aesthetically pleasing. Men in Toronto are much more expressive about telling a women that she is beautiful butttttt.....I know they just think I'm sweet and perky.
One slightly enebreated(I like this word) man told me I was pretty but ended it with girl, "pretty girl". Thus negating the pretty part all together by referring to me as a pretty GIRL. Not a pretty women.

I've been comtemplating my beauty a lot lately and I feel that being inundated by many adverts has distorted my understanding of beauty drastically(okay not just ads but many other things). I want to find my unique beauty for myself...... does any woman truly find this......does any human ever find this?

Am I pretty?

PS one day I want buy some random T-shirts and sponge on some random words I really like. Maybe I'll make a line and call them scrabble shirts? Now someone will steal my idea because I posted it on the WWW. Okay back to the dreaded paper.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Connect the Rock Block

My favourite radio station in London has a contest called connect the rock block where callers have to call in and guess how three songs are connected to each other. Well I want to play that game with you reader. So you have to connect the rock block of these three bands who as of late I have been listening to.

I can't say enough about this band and I don't know why I haven't found them up until now! I lived 20 mins from where they hail and they are a Christian band. However I have heard whispers of them in my social circles but have never actually been able to grace my ears with they're beautiful music. If I was a guy I would definelty have a crush on the girls in this band, they are beautifully etherial and bohemian in look and stature. Plus all the band members are related to each other, they all have the last name DuPree sooooo..... they are either siblings or siblings and cousins. I'd say they are Christian musics best kept indie band secret, I had no idea they were Christian when I found them. You'd think I would have heard them at C-stone, since they have been around since 1997. Current fave songs on this CD are Sight to Behold and Combinations. These girls have the most haunting voices, full of melodious soft notes that cast a spell on the listener!

I love this band! They are hilarious! Unfortunately they are under the command of the former member of DCTalk, T-Mac but hey Relient K is under Gotee records and they have still kept things fresh.

This band has a frenetic energy and kind of remind me of what TFK use to be like before they were swayed to loose the rap-rock attitude and aim for the more melodic emo style that was popular at the begin of the 000's and is slowly fading away. These boys surprisingly hail from the South. I know they are a teeny bopper band but sometimes I need something to balance out the melancholic music I usually gravitate to.
They also dabble with film a little bit and have the mose hilarious music video's. The video I like the most is for Kountry Gentleman, the best part is the fight scene where they whip out combs and use them as pseudo switch blades to try and brush each others hair. Very Funny!

They have a fashion style reminiscent to a band a lot of my American friends use to like called Skillet(to the right). Skillet, consists of horrible poppy music that reminds me of drinking a can of pink crush when what I really want is a can of Vanilla Coke! Grosse! FF5 is definetly the Vanilla Coke I crave.
I've known about Sam Bean's little musical get-up for awhile but still haven't bought a CD. Beautiful acoustic guitar paired with rich male vocals, def some cool chill music.

They all hail from the dirty south of Texas!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Conversation with God

I asked God a question recently that I've asked Him many times before.
Usually he answers this question with "soon". But then I got angry with Him when he kept giving me that answer and it never happened "soon". I told him I didn't want to hear that answer anymore.
This time when I asked He answered with "Its not the right time". This answer still has me quite ansy but not as angry, its still an ambiguous answer for a concrete systematic human.
Oh God you are hilarious! I know its not the right time but....WHEN???????