Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Currently Bleeding

Today was an emotionally ravaging day. It involved a letter and one major phone call. Reality is such a Bitch! Sometimes I just want to hide away in my room playing on the internet in my little cyber world for hours so that I do not have to face people.
I think that I really suck at this whole friend thing. I don't think I know how to be a friend anymore or how to be social. Its so much easier to wrap myself up into a cacoon filled with layers of introversion than to try over and over again to form relationships. Nothing is for sure! NOTHING! Everything is disposable and can be replaced and apparently that includes me.

I hate Blogger! I have nothing to hate right now so today I will hate this piece of shit!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Completly Shallow

Most of my posts on this blog haven't been that deep. I'm getting kind of lazy at blogging and I'm kind of scared of some people reading my thoughts. People I don't know or know really well but would prefer they do not see the more vulnerable side of myself I let blead all over the internet. So here comes the most shallow blog I'll probably ever post on here. It is my top male actor picks.

Currently in the #1 spot is Dave Krasinski of the hit TV series The Office. I love the looks that he gives the mock cameras on the show. I think he is a cute innocent looking guy.....a guy I wouldn't mind spending a day with just hanging out with and driving around town aimlessly killing time. Your boy next door type of boy. I like how his character waits around for his co-worker to break it off with her dead beat fiance......Jim ya gotta be a little more bold (I'm still getting throught the second series. I'm on disc 2).

Mark Ruffalo is def a fave! I adore his brown teddy bear eyes! I like his gentleness, their is a sincerity in his countenance. Ya, I like him!

George Stromolop....???? I don't how to spell his last name but dude this guy is hot! Sporting bad boy with intelect, piercings, tatoos and a big ass belt. Ya, I like the rebels who know how to think. Bonus he is a Canadian!!!!

Ioan Gruffud sigh......come on he was in the BBC TV series Horatio Hornblower. He combines gentleman with hero. With a predisposition to do the right thing at the right time. Love those pensive sunken eyes, pronounced nose and beautiful cleft in his chin. So far all the roles I have seen him in he has been a perpetual do gooder who displays alpha male leadership traits. I like that!

Oh my goodness I love a good o'l skinny goofy guy to make me laugh. These two guys remind me of two other guys I know that make me crack up. It is the fact that they can't keep a straight face for long before they start giggling like school girls. Jimmy Fallon and Topher Grace are the Hollywood versions of Caleb Teeple and Reg Lewickie.

Jimmy is just a big kid. And Topher knows how to work the dramatic pauses and quick wit sarcastic comments.

Jake Jake Jake. What can I say I'm attracted to his masculinity and versatility. He has acted in a million roles from a boy confined to a bubble to a gay cow boy. I like that he is daring and yet adds debth to his roles. Although I was surprised to see that some of his pictures were quite vain as he revealed his 'athletic' physique.

Lastly I like Matt Damon. I think its because he adds an innocent side to his characters. I first encountered him in the movie The Firm with Danny DeVito. I liked how his character beat the crap out of Claire Dane's characer's abusive husband. It was a great scene because in the past his character had been abused by his dad when he was a boy so it was a double wammy......literally.

Oh and I like the voice of Vince Cannova of the Detroit radio station 89x. It is a combination of surfer dude and a burn out with a tad bit of rasp.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Current Project

As a lot of you know I am a graphic T-shirt adict. I love buying shirts that have cool logos on them. I wear them until they have holes in them and the colour is not longer recognizable. I figured out a way to save my precious T-shirts, I'm going to make a quilt out of them. The above picture is the beginning of my little project. I've cut up my favourites and some of my old work & camp shirts and pieced them together. It was a little painful to cut up some of them but I made myself let go of them because they just looked so ridiculously old. I aim to have them all sewn together by the end of the Summer. I got a bolt of purple sweat shirt fabric for free off of Freecycle and I'm going to use that as the backing. I'm not too enthusiastic about sewing together but the process will help me to learn some patience. I'm sure that once I get it started I won't want to stop. I guess I want to post this so that I will be more accountable in getting my projects done (some how I think this sentence is gramatically incorrect....but I dunno how to fix it).
Anyway that is one of the things I am slowly working away on.