Friday, February 29, 2008

iTunes is Dangerous......for me!

So I decided to take a risk and download iTunes onto my computer. All of a sudden I have access to a whole bunch of cheap music. The danger is that it doesn't really feel like I'm actually buying anything because I don't have anything solid in my hands, all I have to do is click click click and bam its added to my credit card!

First album I bought was Shad's "The Old Prince", to balance out my melancholic music selection. Current favourite song "Brother (Watching)", and favourite quote "grow some gonads and get some back bone". Don't usually like hip-hop or Christian music for that matter but he definetly breaks the mold of both. Plus bonus he's Canadian aaaannnnd I have numerous friends and acquaintences who are friends with him so its almost like I know him;).

Second album I bought was the incredible Stars' "In Our Bedroom After the War". Favourite songs on the album are "Personal", I think the lyrics are really creative and Amy Milan has such a soulful way of singing the words and making them her own. "The Beginning After the End", this song must be played on proper speakers with the volume turned up! The bass is amazing!

Second album is the new band Vampire Weekend, they are pretty good, not my favourite and a little bit of an impulse buy. They are happy music so I have something to bob my head to.

Okay back to the Literary paper.

Friday, February 8, 2008

This Road is Paved with Good Intentions

I splurged today, I didn't want to do the Anthro paper so instead I procrastinated for over two hours now. Tomorrows a new day.

Life Reflections:
~I am only ordinary.
~Control freak
~Back Stabber
~Joy taker
~Single (by choice and yet not by choice)
~Being vulnerable with someone is a risk you take. I'll just have to risk it again with someone else who isn't quite as hormonal.

Buying those new clothes today didn't make me feel better