Friday, August 3, 2007

Swinging on the Swing Set

This past weekend my cousin Brittany and I took our younger cousin Lukas from Germany to Canada's Wonderland. The night before we went for a walk and showed him the University of Guelph. On the way back we stopped at the park. I saw the swing set and started swinging on one of he swings. Brittany soon joined me and asked Lukas if he wanted to swing. He staunchly refused saying it was too childish. This coming from a boy who is 10 years younger than me.
As we swung I felt this bubble of laughter come out of the depths of my soul. A laughter I forgot I had because it was a long time since I had used it. Britt and I hooped and hollered as we pumped our legs to go higher and higher into the humid night air that surrounded us and tried to touch the full orange moon that looked down on us. Thier was something about swinging on swings and being around precious Brittany that reminded me once again who I am. I am the free spirited, brutally honest, laugh machine Adrienne and I love it! I guess sometimes you lose yourself and you just need someone who knows and cares for you to help you find it again. I hadn't realized the saddness that had so deeply enveloped me until that night. Mom and Joh had said they had sensed a saddness about me but I just thought they didn't know how to take my quiet disposition. I think what they really meant was that they hadn't heard my laughter in awhile.