Friday, June 19, 2009

Triple Bs=Best Salad Dressing, B+ Average, Boobies

Currently on an all vegetable diet which consists of a lot of salad, soups, steamed vegetables and zero fermented products.

Best Salad Dressing Ever

Crushed red chillis
Crushed Ginger
Lemon Juice
Braggs Soy Sauce
Coconut Milk

Finished my last year at York with honours which means I have a B+ average. Hurray for working my ass off to be average :) and :(.

Scored a nanny job for the summer with 3.5 yr old twins.
Today I got my boobs blatantly felt up.
"Don't touch those, those are mine"
I-"Are those your boobies?"
J-"Do you like to touch your boobies?" (I avoided this question)
We are learning about sharing right now.
I-"Thats not fair that you get to touch them and we don't"
"Well their mine not yours, when you grow up you'll get your own"
I-"Will they be big?"
"That all depends on the genetics of your parents" (way over their head [I know] but I think they get it kind of.