Saturday, January 20, 2007

Peter Pan and Snow....

I showed the movie Hook for my movie night and movie matinee program and as I was watching it I remembered how great of a movie it really is! First of all Rufio! Need I say more, I only had the huges crush on him when I was a kid (always have been a sucker for a rebel with a skate-board)! Too bad he only went on to have a band named after him and to star the in the movie Take the Lead (which I loved and plan on buying). Second of all Dustin Hoffman as Hook, was epic! He must have had a blast playing that role! He sure had a great time making his character be hated by all the children who watched that movie. Thirdly the sets and costumes of that movie are amazing! Full of magic, beauty and old world mystery!
I think that kids of all ages like this movie because it teaches them how to make believe and imagine. I love the scene where Peter has to remember how to imagine in order to eat the feast. Mom and I were talking this week and mom was saying that a lot of kids today do not know how to imagine or make their own fun. They are restricted to being baby sat by moives and ready made toys. When I show movies the kids don't really want to watch them. Instead they are more interested in going for a swim in the pool. Why? Because they are use to being baby-sat by the television. Movies aren't a big deal for them. I remember for me it was a huge treat to watch a movie. Of course up until I was 5 VCRs had not been invented yet and I didn't have cable as a kid.
But the lesson of Hook goes deeper for adults. We adults like the grown up Peter need to take time to remember how to have fun and enjoy life. To have happy thoughts so that we do not get dragged down by the worries and concerns of today. To find that child inside of us that yearns to be imaginative and creative.

Snow I am so glad it is here! I never thought I would say this but I'm glad our season is back in balance. After being in Mexico I realized I don't mind the snow. It didn't feel quite right seeing Christmas decorations in sunny tropical weather in Mexico. I felt like I had gone back in time to July not forward into the end of November.

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