Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas is fun but not restfull

Here are some fun pictures from Christmas time. Enjoy:).

Brittany and I slept together at Aunty Liz's! It was very fun but not a very restful sleep for me:). I'm not use to having another body next to me. After I came in from brushing my teeth I caught her texting a boy while she was in bed. Hee-hee.

Brittany and I decided to wake up Ryan on Christmas day. This resulted in Brittany getting punched in the nose as Ryan blindly swung his arms to deflect our rambuncious excitement towake him. I think he looks like a grumpy old man in the one picture. I tried to play peek-a-boo with Hannah on her parent's bed.......she didn't know quite what to think about that as you can see by the quizzical look on her face. This is a classic Hannah face.

I bulked up on dried apples, dried mangoes, nuts, oriental rice mix and yogurt cover raisins at the Bulk Barn while I was home. I also bough Jam some semi natural gummy bears. I miss my beloved Bulk Barn, it has to be the greatest store idea ever! I especially love the spice area! The closest one to me here is 45 mins:(. I wrote them and asked if they would consider building one closer to think I'm kidding right? Well I'm not!

Some wierd dude(Tom) at a party trying to eat a heart? I'm in the background.


Tom Froese said...

PS that's a terrible picture of me. Keep it up though..

Adrienne said...

hee-hee, I thought it was funny!