Sunday, January 13, 2008


Last weekend I worked a double shift at work=16hours. My co-worker and friend was pissed at me for confusing a shift so instead of her being ticked at me I took a shift of hers which meant I worked way too many hours. I figured it would be better for me to be disgruntle toward her than her to be upset with me. I explained my rotten situation to my friend Galen and she said that maybe God would bless me at work in a way I wouldn't expect.
He did! At the end of my shift I had some time to kill. So I sat down with some of the residents(I work at a refugee shelter) and watched some TV. One of the little girls sat on my lap. She started petting my bright blond hair. And I asked her if it was soft, she nodded her head. She then gently kissed each side of my tresses and then crawled all over me. I tickled her and bounced her on my leg as she squealed with glee "I'm a monkey!". And that was the blessing God gave me.
Thank You God

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