Thursday, January 1, 2009

Internet Lingo Scrabble

Over the holidays I played scrabble with my mom's side of the family. I suck at scrabble!
My cousin Ryan asked if he could play if he used the word 'testicle' to win. Apparently in the past he used this word and won against my grandma and other language proficient aunts and uncles.
Half way through Ryan and I realized we were horrible at the game and that we could probably kick some scrabble ass if it was text message or internet chat lingo. Like, brb, lol, or tomo, all those abreviations that one uses to type fast or out of pure laziness.
Oh, oh, oh, guess what I just learned what <3 means. I always though that it was the math equation greater than three. For example 'that band is greater than three.' This never made sense to me and though the trend started from some math genuis, and I've been too embarrassed to ask what it does indeed mean. Apparently its and awkward sideways internet heart! Bahahhaha, I think this is hilarious! Oh, man I'm such a nut-bar!


Anonymous said...

It could also pass as an aerial view of a women's breasts. <3:

I just added the colon to try to add nipples but I suppose it doesn't really work. No, I don't climb trees in the summertime in Grand Bend so I can enjoy the aerial view. Hah!


Adrienne said...

So you like to climb trees and look down girls shirts eh! Dave I'm surprised at you, I thought you'd be a woman's liber, tisk tisk;).