Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Nude Run

Ya, thats right the nude run. The run from the shower to your room before your room-mates or spouse can see you. Everyone does it.

I've been at placement for two days and apparently I'm in the class with the most behavioural challenges. I seriously don't necessarily think that its so much just behavioural but that the kids are sitting down too much, the teacher does a great job of mixing everything up and making things engaging and interesting buuuuut...she takes away recess. Something these little boys really need to have is recess, in order to be active and destress after sitting in desks all day. To tell you the truth I'm bored out of my mind and ready to poke my eye balls out after sitting all day and doing desk work with them.
In my Phys Ed class at Trent my instructor said that she does gym once a day EVERYDAY and has found that her students perform better in class because of that. Now I do agree with this but honestly I dunno.....something else needs to change...just like church really isn't a guy thing (unless your in a leadership position), I don't think that school is either. Can't we do something else for these kids, they need activity, they need sensory, and they need fun!
Oh my goodness, I love the classroom I'm in. The boys are off the wall and I have to keep myself from laughing at them all the time, especially when they are misbehaving because I know exactly what they are thinking and why they are doing it. Today one of the boys was fidgeting so much in his chair that he lost control and fell sideways, it was so funny. I had to keep myself from giving one of my bellowing laughs, he tried to recover but just couldn't.
One of the girls has developed an attatchment to me already, she is the sweetest little girl ever! She wanted my help so badly that she pretended to not understand something when she clearly did.
Me: "Are you sure you need my help?"
A: "Yes"
Me: (knowing smile) "Are you sure you 'need' my help or you 'want' my help?"
A: (sweetest shy little smirk on her face) "Maaaaybe"

Ohhhhh I could just urggghhhh hug her......but I'm not aloud:(.

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