Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BAMMMM brain fart of the week

Dear North America, guns don't equal violence.
Stop trying to blame violence on inanimate objects. Start blaming it on a faulty system that increases poverty, due to policies that build fences to divide people between rich and poor, black and white, educated and uneducated, first nations and white.
Our system is a faulty system that keeps people in un-healthy situations because no one is willing to change the policies that keep them that way.

No one is willing to change the rate of minimuim wage.
No one is willing to change the way that welfare works.

No one is willing to re-vamp the criminal justice system.
No one is willing to change foriegn policy.
No one is willing to change Native policy.
People are hesitant to try alternative sources of energy.

The drug companies control medical care and food production.


Anonymous said...

As much as I agree with all of your points, guns do equal violence. Sure you could feed me some line about "self defence" but who determines what "self defence" actually entails. Who determines who is the victim and who is the oppressor. Guns do not level any playing field but rather are the trump card that dominates. If there were no guns we would have to think of a few more imaginative ways to fight. Such as stones and wood. At least then it would be a bit more of a fair fight. It is quite a definitive fact that all wars that are fought, profit arms manufacturers, dealers, and possessors of those arms. Most of these are based in the US. So many wars have been pushed forward by the US government arming one side of two factions and starting a war so they can "spread democracy". Facilitate a disaster (arm one side), get the media to label it as some "tribal conflicts far away" thus turning off the minds of North America to what is going on, then finance a leader to be "democratically elected" into power and thus secure their hand of capitalism in yet another country.
This is how the arms trade works.

As for hunting, give me a break. Why do many of these hunters even need to hunt let alone use a gun to do it. If you're going to hunt, hunt because you're hungry and need food. (While your at it, gather some berries for me). And if you still just like hunting, don't use a gun or cross bow. And use all of the animal. Don't waste it. And respect the animal.

So that's what I think; guns equal violence.


Adrienne said...

Bah, funny (last part).
I should have clarified that I was referring to the fact that our mayor wants to crack down on guns in our city. I think that before you crack down on guns you need to get to the root of an issue rather than part of the issue. Like what is it that is deficient within a society that causes younge men to be playing with guns. Not, lets give old guys who hand in their old shitty hunting guns a camera instead. They can use their trigger finger to have a photo shoot instead.

As in guns and war, this is a whole other ball game, I only half understand because of the politics and power struggles involved.