Saturday, October 17, 2009


So I've come to learn that I think I like guys who have some sort of sense of style and who take care of their appearance. Not someone who is looking in the mirror all the time but a guy who takes pride in the presentation of himself.
Their is a boy in a couple of my classes and he's really nice and all but.....he doesn't shave the hair on the nape of his kneck often enough. It really bugs me! I don't hate body hair but I think you need to try and groom yourself a little bit. Guys we know that you notice when we haven't plucked our brows or lips or shaved our legs and other areas. What would make you think that we don't notice when you don't maintain yourself either?
In fact I think that men shouldn't be afraid of doing more to keep themselves more maintained. Like if you have really bushy eye brows pull a few stray ones out so that they don't take up your whole eyes. You don't have to shape them or anything, just thin them out a little. Don't shave them though, we can tell when you shave them, you gotta yank those bad boys out from the roots.
If your going to grow a beard (personally I hate them, this whole hipster throw back to the eighties trend has got to go) make sure you groom it regularly! Beards are okay when they are maintained properly. You may think this is a lot of work but just think of how much time we women take to look pretty, if your going to grow a beard you need to be responsible for it, just like when you get a piercing you have to sterilize it almost every day for the first two months.
Oh and then their are those guys that just don't have a sense of style but really try but it just ends up looking mismatched, nothing against them its just I need someone who can pick out their own clothes without my help, I can give my opinion
but I don't want to dress them like a child.

Something else that has been randomly kicking around in my head is that women and people with enfants should get some sort of tax credit on sanitary products. It isn't like we women intentionally menstruate. Dear Government of Canada do you know how much that puts a dent in our budget every month? Come on hook a woman up Canada.
Okay back to the paper.

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