Monday, October 12, 2009


Right now I feel like my only beauty is my blond hair and the various colours of blond and red that are reflected in it. Their is a scene in "Little Women" where the character Joe cuts off all her hair and sells it so that the family can have some extra money. Her sister exclaims upon seeing it for the first time "your one beauty!" I'm overwhelmed with school, teacher's college is a lot of work, not very complicated but labour intensive, currently I have nineteen hours of school plus four hours of placement. They aren't even going to let us have our reading break off in its entirety, instead they booked a bunch of guest speakers for seminars we have to attend. I can tell you now that my personal hygiene and figure are going to be going down the drain. Bring on the lap-top ass! Plus the stress induced eczema and zits, awesome!

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