Sunday, May 6, 2007

My Life Through Pictures.

Yesterday was Nathan and Rachel's wedding. I was only able to go to the reception part because I had a funeral in the morning. It was very fun! The reception was a pot-luck dinner which I was a little iffy about but it turned out wonderful! In fact I think I may do something like that. Everyone brough great food. The picture of the gigantic martini glasses are what the couple sipped Pepsi from. They are both Pepsi adicts. Yes, the glasses are actually that huge it isn't just the angle I took the picture on.
I took a ton of pictures of Natalie and Barry's kids. They make the best looking babies ever! They are are the sweetest kids too!

Charity had a shin dig at her house last week. She made us really great food! The high light for me was the ice-cream cake! Yummmy!
Darryl stole baby Parker away from Natalie and I loved watching them together. He literally danced all around the house with the little man. Too cute!
I had to get a shot of Joe and Sarah's beautiful little bella Ella. She is sooo sweet!

I had planned to go to Ottawa, Kingston, Guelph and Hamilton a couple weeks ago but ended up only being able to go Guelph. I wanted to keep up my relationships with my friends but my car died and then we had a death in the family so I only got to go and see my old camp friends Josh and September. They have a new adition to they're family. His name is Judah and he is such a sweet little baby.
I loved watching September and Josh interact together. September looked exhausted from being up with the cutie pie. It was great to see how Josh would step in and carry Judah so that September could take a break. They have a great new house. I have no doubt that they will have a great marraige and a great family. Josh is one of those guys that is hard not to like. He accepts everyone for who they are. September is the same way. They both have the greatest laugh! They are perfect for each other!

I found this picture of Brittany and I from way back to the play back. I was five and Britt must have been 6 months. My parents and I drove from Ontario out to BC. I love this picture of us.

Pictures of Dad when he was cool. Key word being was! Dad had the emo/beat nick thing going on when he was a teenager. I especially like his checkered pants. I think I got my funky style of dressing from him. Oh and no the girl in the picture is not my mom. She is some girl who liked to hide behind her hair in every picture I found of them together.
Dad looks kinda dreamy on the motorcycle.

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