Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Whoa Back that Truck Up

Buddy from work is apparently barely legal (according to my books). Plus he said something very quickly in passing about a girlfriend. Looks like I'm good o'l Adrienne. Ah well, he wasn't exactly my type. Def some good qualities though.

So Rye pie (my cousin)wrote an update. He has such a child like faith right now. I thought that I would let you all read his update letter. If you thought I had bad grammar then just wait until you read his letter.

Hey guys well its been a while and i guess i should just email you all to say hey and tell you how cow town has been. its hard cause i never was one to send out updates when i was in NZ and now that its the same country i forget all the time and dont even think of it really.

so pretty sweet with the job that i got my boss is so rad. totally builds me and encourages me to move forward in the things that God has for me. the place that i am living in is epic my landlady is so cool and she takes me for rides on her motorcycle and i dont even hold on to anything haha i am crazy mouy loco amigo. so yeah works been good and the hours are sweet as. i am sure that my parents told you i bought a car its a sick 1981 BMW. i love a diamond in the rough. oh yeah so i am going to be going to school in september i was accepted at mount royal college out here which is cool. and also i hooked up with a old DTS student who runs snowboarders for christ in calgary and starting next season will be leading that along side her and four others. so pray for that god gives direction. also total provision eh. kingdom finances and all that.

now for a more spiritual thing. the church i kinda go to is allright i dont mind it but just dont feel like i am filled but feel like God is keeping me there for now i go to other churches as well though where i get filled i found this sweet one the pastors are from South Africa pretty rad my friend knows them and said that they are super sweet as. and they are. its really cool though i have been meeting with some friends every saturday night in canmore and we get together and just party with jesus its so cool and God has revealed so much to me. so its really good. so yeah i think thats about it for now. but i figured that i should let you all know that cause you know your family. well talk to you later. God Bless Ryan.

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