Monday, May 7, 2007

North America Is Over Educated!

i don't want to go back to school! Yet I need a fall back and school is going to have to give me my fall back. It looks like I will have to spend my money on another degree but not just any degree, one that will give me a BA.
I hate this whole application process! No one is willing to expand on each step I must take except to lead me to more jargon I have to sort out and decifer. The reason I am going back to school is to be able to go to teachers college. I want to teach grade three....I think? I'm not 100% sure but I'm sure enough that I don't want to earn just above minimuim wage anymore. Lately I have one line going through my head which is 'I just want to kick somebodies ass!'. I have wondered why I have had that line running in my head but now as I am writing this post I think I know why. I feel like I have been cheated out of a hand of cards, as though I was tricked into spending lots of time and money on an education that didn't prep me for the reality of life.
People in third world countries barely get an elementary school education and yet we North Americans have two and three degrees worth of BS. Their is so much competition in our sphere of the earth for jobs that the bar gets set higher and higher know someone who knows someone. Urrrggghhhh I just want to get my hands dirty and work in a decent career with a decent wage. Not one that forces me to be co-dependant on my parents. Sure min wage gets highered every year now but taxes get higher every year.
I think that jobs that require the most odd hours and dirtiest conditions should start getting wage increases. Those jobs are usually given to those who do not have the education to be in higher status positions.
Well I'm done my rant for now. Back to the tedious job of scrolling down pages and pages of uiversity shit that tells me something but nothing at the same time.

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