Monday, February 12, 2007

Inside my head (scary!)

When people die do they go to heaven right away? But doesn't God exist outside of time? And if this is true does that mean the world has already ended? People's souls have to go somewhere right? Unless their is a purgatory/waiting area but I kinda think that earth is purgatory. Maybe I have this all wrong and didn't grasp it too well when I took my philosophy class. These were just some of my thoughts today while I was washing the dishes. My brain hurts.

Mens Speedos and Womens G-string bikinis
Guys if you aren't a competa(i?)tive swimming at the time do not wear speedos! They make swim trunks baggy for a reason that way you don't have to worry about.....stuff getting more attention than it should at the wrong time.
Ladies lets keep our body some what of a mystery! Yes bathing suits tend to reveal everything, but lets be honest men would rather have a mystery than an ending being blurtted out. Leave something to the imagination. Lets skip the brazillian bottoms and g-strings and try something more tasteful.

Well those are my thoughts for today.

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Johanna said...

Did you see some funky stuff today at the YMCA pool?