Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Off-Line (todays font colouring is pastel!)

Sorry folks I'm going off-line in order to help rid myself of this internet adiction. I'm doing it for Lent. For now you guys can look at my friend's blogs. They have some cool thoughts. Especially Ronelle!
But......before I sign off, here are some random thoughts I had this week.

How do atsronauts navigate in space? It would really suck if they ever got lost! Satelites don't travel far enough to track people in space! That is the short and long of that thought.

In my search to not be too Christiany I think I have fallen away from some of the good things I use to practice in my spiritual walk with God. In replacement of my intimacy I find it has become filled with anger.

I have recieved a revelation to my recurring out of wed-lock pregnancy dream. Lisa and I were discussing it together and we think that it has something to do with my tendancy to want to please others and do the right thing. I never want to make the wrong decisions because I don't want to screw up my life. Right now I'm in a place where my choices are going to affect my life in the long term.
I want to find my passion and I can't find it! How do people know what they want to do with their life? How can some people be so sure about things? I'm not sure about anything anymore. I'm not confident about any particual thing. In fact I have more questions than answers. I find myself fearful and that fear has turned itself into apathy. I feel like I'm stuck in a muddy lane way getting ready to merge onto a road and I just keep on spinning my tires rolling forward and then slidding back into the place I just came from. The road is right in front of me and yet I can't get at it! Very frustrating!
Now to figure out the meaning to the dream where my intentions to maime(sp?) someone turn sour when they end up dying instead. Ooops!?!


Mike said...

Its a shame I won't be reading any of your stuff for 40 days!!!

In a related note, I will observe lent by not reading your blog for 40 days. :)

I had no idea that Ronelle has a blog. I'll be sure to check that out!

/dr. said...

such a good idea for lent. i'll check back in 40 days!

ps. i'm wonderin where the guitar rumour came from...